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  • 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe
  • 59900
  • SOLD: 1951 CADILLAC SERIES 62 COUPE is a complete restoration with some of the nicest upgrades for not only performance, but also comfort and dependably.  At this time, I'm still not able to put a price on everything that has been done to complete this great 51 Cadillac. I shall say this however, it was very expensive as you shall see. "Can you imagine the cost of building this car today". Now to the good part ! Under the hood you shall find a 1971, 500ci. Cadillac Eldorado engine that weighs about 595 lbs. complete. Change to an aluminum intake manifold and it reduces it by 22lbs. to lower the overall weight of this engine to about 573lbs. Big cubes with the weight of a small block. This engine has been totally rebuilt from top to bottom to produce more torque and horsepower than stock. Use of the Cadillac engine dictates a close look at this vehicles total combination. Most are not used to the huge amounts of torque the Cadillac produces. This engine was also designed for being able to move this size automobile with amazing ease, performance and safe from engine failure for a long time. This automobile has also been fitted with a new aluminum radiator, Spal electric thermostatic controlled fan and shroud. The transmission is a 700 R4 overdrive, power steering, power brakes, heat and air conditioning. There is approximately only 4000 miles since this restoration was completed. This great automobile also comes with all new chrome bumpers, grill, trim, etc. All the stainless steel trim is dent free and like new from front to back.The tires are Diamond Back wide white walls radials, along with real Cadillac spoke wheels. The new interior is spotless, very quiet inside and extremely comfortable. To be expected of course is the all new wiring, glass, weather striping, trim pieces and accessories. You shall also see that this beauty has been lowered 2 1/2 to 3" all around and looks sweet. This southwest body and frame is rust free and straight as an arrow. The paint is an amazing base coat clear coat with absolutely no marks or dings anyware.and has an fantastic shine all it's own. This is without a doubt one of the nicest classics I have had in a long time, not because it's rare and eye catching but because it's one of those automobiles you can get in, turn the key, and go without any worries. I have found that being able to depend on a vehicle makes it all worth while. I have also noticed when you drive an automobile like this it gives off an enormous amount of pride and elegance no matter were you go.There is just something about this 1951 Cadillacs appearance that puts you in a class all of it's own. If you would like to own a better than new  Classic Cadillac Coupe this is it.Check out the fallowing pictures and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Contact number is 585-233-5021 or email at